Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Right Now, Practicing my Best John McEnroe Tantrum

Last Saturday, I loaded up the Ford Explorer and hopped on I-15 to head down to St. George to see my good friend and former neighbor Abby. She moved far, far away last summer and was visiting Utah for a huge tennis tournament. I tagged along with her and her fun-loving tennis buddies all weekend, enjoyed the sun and picked up a thing or two about the game. Including:

1. A
bagel is more than a breakfast food;
2. There is a difference between games, sets and matches (although I still don't know what that is); and

3. I am still ridiculously uncoordinated.

I also learned one more thing: if ever there was a sport for me, this is it! THEY GET TO WEAR SKIRTS. Now if they just add some high-heeled shoes to the mix, I may start playing tomorrow.

Abby and I both came back to the SLC on Sunday and headed straight for one of our mutually favorite places, Noodles, where we had delicious and reasonably priced pasta to our hearts' content.

Afterwards we met up with the world's greatest neighbors who live in SoTro, the world's greatest neighborhood
. Scott & Ryan volunteered to host Neighborhood Game Night and the game of the evening was "The Great Dalmuti" where the first two players to get rid of all their cards are king and queen of the next round and the last two are serf and peasant. Because they are excellent at accessorizing they ensured we each had appropriate headwear.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend, full of friends, fun and family--I was even able to spend some time with my cute sister in Cedar City.

Abby went home Monday and we miss her already. I also realized I only have about 364 days to figure out what a backhand is. Abby, go ahead and sign me up for next year's tournament... If you dare.


Justin and Jill said...

If I remember correctly, you were pretty good with the tennis racket in Mrs. AhMu's gym class! I think after the whole gas incident in your Explorer/flipping your husband off experience, you have some promising talent in the tantrum department!:)

The Miller Family said...

Miranda you are the sweetest to drive all that way to see little ole me! I had a blast hanging out with you, Zach, and all the SoTro neighbors! They really are the best :o) I miss you guys so much!

P.S. You forgot to mention how you got all sweaty and sun burned on the way home. ha ha.