Thursday, April 17, 2008

Like a Fine Wine, or a Really Stinky Cheese*

Today, Zach turns the big 3-0. He is my better half, our family chef, our master carpenter, my biggest cheerleader, a great comedian, a surprisingly good decorator, an excellent shopping companion, a terrible loser at board games, a fabulous road trip buddy, a beer connoisseur, the hardest worker I know and my best friend.

Happy birthday, Z!

*Thanks to Courtney for the headline inspiration. I have a feeling Zach will appreciate being compared to a smelly cheese much more than he would an expensive wine. That's just how he is. Sigh.


katie said...

Happy B-Day Zach!!! Tell Miranda to give you whatever you want!
Oh, by the M, make sure Zach reads this.

Diania said...

Zach's mom looks like Natalie... very interesting.

Cichelli said...

I just went back and read all your posts for the past few weeks. I've been so bad at reading friends' blogs.
Happy bday Zach. I'm sorry to hear you're having car problems. I hate the winter weather and wish it would be nice. I golfed today and thought of you. I also signed up for pro lessons and the instructor told me I needed someone to practice with. I think he was hitting on me, but it just made me think that's a good reason to do lunch asap!
See you after your NYC trip. Good luck!

Marcae said...

....and might I add a very photogentic kid! Happy Birthday Zachy Poo (yesterday)! They say that "30" is the new "20."

Sarah said...

I so thought the exact same thing, Diania!!! I was like, wow, I didn't know Natalie had a kid...wait a minute, why is Zach in the delivery room and why does he have red hair? Didn't I just read a blog where Natalie said she didn't have kids? It honestly took way too long for me to figure it out. Anyway, Happy Birthday Zach! I would say you can remember me by looking at the reunion photos, but I don't think I'm in any of them.