Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Overheard: Serious Confession

Him: So, I've been thinking. I need to apologize.

Her: Why?

Him: Because that day we were at Arby's? I feel like I really pushed the French dip on you.

Her: I've been meaning to talk to you about that.


Diania said...

I love French Dips. Mmm, I'm hungry.

Clint said...

When it comes his turn to buy, he'll push the mailer coupons on just about anyone.

Vinho said...

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Sarah said...

Yes Miranda, you have a likeable post, congratulations. Do we know....Vinho? I checked out the blog and it's totally in Portuguese, or whatever so have fun with that one.

Sarah said...

I forgot!!! Did you know that you and I played at the same piano recitals for like 4 years of our piano playing adventures? I tried to take pics of our names in the programs, but alas, the print was too small. Just take my word for it. Were you at the recital when Danielle Obrien wore that pink prom dress with the huge bow right over her Vajayjay? Yeah it was that low and went from hip to hip. It's a memory that is really burned into my brain.