Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Lovely: Lavender & Mint Dish Soap

In case you haven't noticed, I don't have nearly enough interesting things happening in my life to warrant having a blog in the first place. No major changes. No unusual lifestyle. No cute kids doing cute kid things. About 80% of the time all I'm doing, and therefore, have for blog material, is sitting on the couch in my sweats watching a cooking show. Absolutely riveting, right? Right! Especially on laundry night--hunting mateless socks while watching Food Network Challenge: Princess Cakes?! Incredibly entertaining.

I've decided I need a new feature.

I'm calling it Monday Lovely and each post will feature one of the people, places or things that I absolutely adore and cannot live without.

First up? Lavender Floral & Mint Natural Dish Liquid from Seventh Generation. Everything about it is fantastic: its delicious scent, superb cleaning ability and the fact it's completely nontoxic. It's like they bottled up a sweet, ladylike grandmother who loves to scrub everything until it sparkles and also drives a car powered by French fry grease.

Did I mention its smell? You'll think you're sniffing grape popsicles. Like cleaning your dishes with grape popsicles. Only not sticky.


Diania said...

I'm just a little confused at why the Lavender and Mint soap smells like grape popsicles. Obviously they need to use more chemicals to make it smell like what they are claiming.

katie said...

I am so looking forward to Monday Lovely. What a great idea! You are so creative.

Tyler said...

Okay I'm with Diania on this one, what's with the grape popsicle smell? Fabulous idea however, and your life certainly is riveting! That last comment read somewhat sarcastic, completely unintended.

Miranda said...

OK, I don't know what's with the grape popsicle smell either, but I swear that's exactly what it reminds me of. Weird, I know. But deliciously smelling weird.